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Digital Business KPIs

Translate vision into strategies

When a company decides to become a digital business the first action is to define KPIs
that are linked to the digital
transformation effort.

Developing meaningful KPIs and measuring strategy execution is both art and a science. The purpose of creating a digital business is to create new business value.

At ValconGroup, we strongly believe data is the biggest asset of the organization. Living in a data economy in which every business needs to become a digital business our experts can help you to go through a data – driven transformation successfully.

       Key Findings

  • Digital business KPIs measures the degree of progress in becoming a digital business organization.
  • One set of KPIs measures the progress in digitalizing the current business model. For example, this set of KPIs will measure digitalization goals such as sales, marketing, operations, product & services and customer service.
  • Another set of KPIs identifies new business opportunities and measures the performance of new sources of revenue associated to the new digital business model.

ValconGroup Approach

ValconGroup approach is to advise and help key stakeholders to clarify why it is crucial to define the following steps:

Defining objectives prior to developing KPIs within the organization.


Differentiation between KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and PIs (Performance Indicators)



Develop KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and how to set up the associated targets.


Create synergies among the departments and within the entire organization.


ValconGroup Approach

We help organizations to set metrics and goals that best suit to the digital business strategy

Understanding what is the starting point, we help organizations to set metrics and goals that best suit to the digital business strategy and clearly define expected business outcomes. We work closely with senior executives to identify the areas would most benefit from digitalization.

We use digital business metrics and KPIs to provide real time information to better inform business decision making.
Our goal is to develop Smart Metrics and Intelligent KPIs to inform senior executives on the digital journey and influence decisions such as budget allocation, business process improvements and necessary culture changes.

Smart KPIs

Once SMART KPIs are developed, ValconGroup Intelligent Analysis is focusing on three crucial dimensions:


What are the KPIs that will make team members of the orgnanization to produce more?


How Line Managers make sure that team members are not making any errors?


How Line Managers make sure that team members work together as one and all individuals are connected to the company's values?
Intelligent Analysis

ValconGroup Intelligent Analysis

Our intelligent analysis describes the progress achieved in the process of becoming a digital business. This requires a set of smart KPIs that are specific to the digital business transformation effort.

The purpose of creating a digital business is to create new business value.
In order to create new business value within the organization it is crucial to understand the starting point. What are the current capabilities and current performance of the organization. In other words what is the current reality?
Once this is done we proceed to define SMART KPIs which simple means




Time managed


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