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We Are ValconGroup

The Trusted Business Data and Technology
Consulting Firm

About ValconGroup

We build “Smart Organizations” and support businesses across the private and public sectors and partner with them to deliver the highest quality work.

ValconGroup operates as a full – service Business Data & Technology Consulting Firm working with clients globally to creatively solve data problems and develop unique data solutions.

What we do

ValconGroup creates the value you see for by providing specialized solutions based on quality. We support organizations across the private and public sectors and partner with them to deliver the highest quality work. Together we build business relationships and we operate with transparency by communicating internally and externally with unwavering candor, honest and respect. Clients trust us to build things that work and we take that seriously. Our team will overcome obstacles, find solutions and deliver exceptional results. In a demanding and challenging business environment, our diverse teams of experts are sharing deep knowledge and experience. We provide a wide range of services to meet your increasingly complex needs. 

What we believe

“We believe & understand Data”

For our ValconGroup team, it is easy to understand data and answer the why when it comes to putting emphasis on Data Strategy and Analytics. We want to drive data strategy, ensure profitability, develop a competitive advantage – and this is our top priority. At ValconGroup, the people on our team serve as our best asset, and the company is defined by the people who represent the ValconGroup value.

At ValconGroup we do not promise we execute…

The information we share in today’s business environment is filtered and we behave as virtual actors in a two – dimensional digital world. Running a business is about motivating investors to provide capital, customers to buy products or services, and employees to work their tails off for you. Our team of professionals with numerous years of experience in various industries will act as your engagement team. This team will ensure delivering an outstanding customer experience, adding value to your business and making sure that deadlines are always met.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting our website and we are looking forward to hearing from you. 

ValconGroup Message

Data is changing the World and these changes are substantial.
At ValconGroup, we don’t just want to react to a changing world; we want to shape it and be out in the front line, leading the pack.

ValconGroup Team"We build smart organizations"

Our core business values are based on three fundamental values and they are the deeply ingrained principles that guide ValconGroup actions;

“These values serve as its cultural cornerstones and they can never be compromised either for convenience or short – term economic gain”


We support and advise our Customers based on trust meeting all our obligations.


We conduct our work with passion and responsibility creating valuable solutions for our customers.


We create a business environment which contributes to successful cooperation based on mutual respect.

Meet our Management team

Count on our leadership team to support your project from start to finish. ValcongGroup leaders are the backbone of our entrepreneurial and agile company culture.

Dimitrios Bourpoulas


Photios Harmatzis

Senior Consultant

Haris Zacharatos

Senior Advisor Digital Strategy Innovation & Development

Chrysoula Vasiliki Patrikiou

Partner - Advisor Corporate Sustainability & Organisational Culture

Maria Veizis

Partner - Chief Operation Officer

Stacy Pavlou

Legal Advisor

Start working with us

With over 15 years experience in technology and business data consulting we are your data expert partner.

Nicosia | Cyprus

47 Strovolou Avenue, 6th Floor 2018 Nicosia

New York | USA

26-40, 14th Street, New York 11102

Athens | Greece

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Contact Details

+357 22 255 568
[email protected]

Valcon Group

We support organizations across the private and public sectors and partner with them to deliver the highest quality work.

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