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Data Analytics

Unlock the value of data using powerful analytics

ValconGroup Data Analytics

With every change there is a disruption. Learning how to deal with disruption is not only a manner of survival, it is the new reality. Decisions can no longer be based on instinct. The speed and the number of decisions today require timely practice insights.

At ValconGroup we see customers want more from their data. Organizations are aware that their data volumes are growing exponentially and the types of data they are working with have moved beyond to semi-structured or unstructured data. Also, we see customers wanting to get data to more and more users in their organizations as possible in a more controlled and well-governed way. But turning data to insight isn’t enough.

Organizations need to understand how to turn that insight to action. Organizations that derive the true benefit of Analytics understand that is much more than just adopting technology. It is about embedding analytics across every aspect of the business to become a smart organization.

ValconGroup Approach

ValocnGroup will work closely with you to make the change. Our experts can help your team to move from instinct to insight. Empowering you to become a smart driven organization, we can help how to take Analytics to the next level. We will work closely with you to align Analytics with your business drivers.

Our team will manage all the crunchy questions that will help to understand what insights you need from your data. To become a smart driven organization ValconGroup will work with your team to set a strategic vision for the organization and build your business case.

ValconGroup experts consists of Technical and Analytical professionals to drive data analytics success. We help you to choose an operating model to measure, refine and take action. We work with you to make analytics meaningful and actionable in order to build smart organizations. We achieve that by making the shift from managing data by instinct to managing data with insight.

Do not wait for the next disruption…you become the disruption.

ValconGroup Data Analytics process focus on 4 key principles.

Change to the Cost Model

Shifting from CAPEX to OPEX

Market Knowledge

The Knowledge of Market provides access to content, skills and solutions

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement to drive change and impact

Analytics Program

Providing a structured approach to analytics execution

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With over 15 years experience in technology and business data consulting we are your data expert partner.

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