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Business Intelligence

Leverage your supper power and get metrics that matter

We build modern Business Intelligence organizations by providing a comprehensive view of your organization’s data to make smart data – driven decision.

At ValconGroup, we strongly believe an organization is operating as a modern Business Intelligence organization when stakeholders have a total visibility of the organization’s data and use that data to drive change, create performance benchmarks, identify market trends, increase compliance and improve every aspect of the business using smart Business Intelligence.

We define Business Intelligence as a vehicle to carry out the processes and the methods of collecting, storing, analyzing and presenting data from the organization business environment with the aim to optimize performance. In order to build a modern Business Intelligence organization, ValconGroup specialists use carefully the following process and methods.

ValconGroup Business Intelligence Processes & Methods

Data Mining We use large data sets to find anomalies – errors with the data and to identify patterns and correlation to predict outcomes.

Reporting We build analytical reports to connect every aspect of the business. The stakeholders of the company have real time access to these analytical reports in order to draw valid conclusions bout the operation of the company and make strategic decisions.

Performance Matric and Benchmarking We use data to compare current with historical performance using customized modern and dynamic dashboard.

Descriptive Analytics We use Descriptive Analytics to examine the data and answered the question “What Happened”

Querying We use models to ask Smart Questions to data and use Business Intelligence to get he answers from the datasets.

Statistical Analysis We analyzed the results derived from the Descriptive Analytics and we use statistical techniques to understand patterns – correlations and why this happened.

Data Visualization We use charts, histograms, pie charts, scatter plots and other type of graphs to turn data analysis into visual representation.

Data Preparation We spend valuable time to prepare the data for efficient analysis, limitations of errors and inaccuracies. We manage all processed data more accessible to users.

ValconGroup can be your trusted partner to help you become a modern Business Intelligent organization by:

  • Identify ways to increase profits
  • Analyze market trends & customer behavior
  • Compare data with competitors
  • Measure and track performance
  • Optimize operations
  • Predict future outcomes
  • Discover errors
  • Increase compliance
  • Perform smart drive decisions

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